Who I am “Blogging101” why I’m here


Who am I, well I describe myself as a wife, mother, baker, hunter and so much more.  I love spending time with my three girls and husband.  I love to be crafty, thrifty and the list goes on and on. I love to get ideas, but the problem was I would get them, either start them or forget them.  My daughters encouraged me to start writing down my ideas, recipes and thoughts (keeping a journal).  I did this but had notebooks and scraps of paper all over the place.  Some I would keep track of others would be lost to be found another day or year later. So they suggested that I start a blog to write down and share the ideas, recipes and random thoughts with them and others.  So the first part of July I took up blogging.

When I first started this blog I thought it would be just about ideas I had and how well they worked for me.  Then my girls suggested that I share some of my recipes which got another idea of a project for their Christmas present…. a cookbook of all those recipes I keep in my head and have made for them over the years.  You know the recipes you never had to write down or something you just threw together because that is all you had in the pantry but became a household favorite. Yep those are the ones that I plan to put in their “Mom’s Cookbook” and to share (the recipes) on my blog along with ideas I have that have worked or I am testing and well just random thoughts for the day/week!

I am hoping this blog will help me stay a little more focused, keep track of my ideas and just maybe help out someone that is looking for that idea or recipe.

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5 Responses to Who I am “Blogging101” why I’m here

  1. What a great idea! I love it!


  2. koolitzable says:

    keep blogging and we can share some ideas too 😀


  3. amommasview says:

    A great reason to start a blog 🙂


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