Moving youngest back to college – Today was a Good Day

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

While moving my daughter back to college this weekend, I ask her what was one spot she wanted to share with me.  “Dan’s Rock” she said without hesitation.  We took a break after dinner from moving to take a little adventure.  I ask her about “Dan’s Rock” as we were driving up the road.  I got the “Well Mom, do you want the History version or the college student version of what Dan’s Rock is?”

I chose her version of what Dan’s Rock was.  She told me as a freshman that Dan’s Rock is one of the first places outside of campus you learn about and go to.  That the kids make trips up there all the time.  Some to just take a ride and look at the view, take some pictures.  Other times on nice days to just go sit and talk, of course those trips to party or be with that special someone. She talked about the sunsets and how breath taking they are, and that before she graduates she plans on making a few trips to see the sun rise. She also said some go up to leave there mark via the spray painting.  I did notice some were newer than others , some were just random and other were works of art.   She told me that during her freshman orientation that they told the students about Dan’s Rock and told them it would be one of the places they will go to make memories. She also showed me some pictures around campus where some of the clubs had gone to take their group pictures. She said that even in the winter (and as cold as it is) they will make a quick trip to see the snow from the view.

I have to admit it was nothing that I expected.  But what I found was a beautiful, art covered, scenic view.  That I could imaging thru the years as new groups of freshman arrived and making their mark and memories.

Dan't Rock

Pictures from our Visit to Dan’s Rock

Now for a little history what I looked up after we made our trip.

The 2,898 foot rock structure sprawls along the brow of Dan’s Mountain overlooking the panoramic Potomac Valley that stretches for twenty miles. Located off Route 36, it stands at 2,989 feet above sea level, and is the highest point in all of Allegany County.  Dan’s Mountain is a part of the front section of the Allegany Plateau, which stretches through Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  It takes up 465 acres of land, and the mountain stretches for 16 miles. The mountain’s first name is named after Daniel Cresap. Daniel Cresap who was the son of a pioneer was famous for climbing a tree while going after a bear. According to the story the tree fell on the rock, making the name become Dan’s Rock.

Craig Caupp, chairman of FSU’s department of geography, explains in an article that I found that “Dan’s Rock is “a sandstone structure that is fairly resistant to breaking down.  The ground underneath Frostburg and the surrounding area is made of folded sediment rock which is shaped a bit like a U.  Sediment rock is layered and folded, and over millions of years the folds will slowly shift.  Dan’s Rock is a small piece of the fold that stretches under Frostburg, it just happens to have pushed its way out of the ground naturally, creating a fascinating geographic spectacle.”

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  1. Hi, I love the way you have used the pictures on your post. Am excited to check out mesh right now. Thanks for being my inspiration today. You are the STAR..!!!


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  2. I love the way you parallel your daughter’s version and history’s version of Dan’s Rock. And I’m going to give Mesh a go. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good for you for trying something new in this great post. I had put this aside to try, might give it a go now that you have reminded me 🙂


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  4. This is a great post. So many parents grieve their children leaving home instead of celebrating it.

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    • Sue's Little Corner says:

      Cathy, Thank you.. I learned a long time ago that life is so precious when I lost my first child to SIDS.. When the girls came along, I knew it was time to stop living in the past and the what if’s. To this day I cherish each and every event/moment with my girls even the good and the bad. I can wait to read your book “Not My Story to Tell!. Thank you again!

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