Easy Stove Top Caramel – Perfect every time!


Okay so I love caramel! But measuring sugar and all that stuff and then cooking it to a certain temp I never seem to have any luck and it was always different every time I tried it.  So when I ran across this one method several years ago in a candy making class, I fell in love with how easy it was and it turned out perfect every time!  You can do so many things with it!  Eat it on apples, use in in brownie mix, on ice cream, as a dip for so many things.  I tend to eat it straight from the can!  I also will put this in a small mason jar or small air tight container with a couple of apples to give as just because gifts. Plus I can make it in advance and have it on hand when I need it!

Stove  Top Caramel  (3 hours)

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk (You can do as many as your pot will hold)
  • 1 large pot
  • Water – enough to cover the can or cans


DO NOT open the can of sweetened condensed milk.  Place it in the large pot and over it with enough water so the water is about 2 inches above the can.  (You will need more hot water to add to this as the cooking time goes on) Place it on the stove on high heat.

When the water starts boiling, set your timer for 1 hour – when it goes off flip the can over

Repeat the above step for the 2nd hour. reset your timer for one more hour.

*** Make sure during the above steps you do not let the water go below the top of the can – You will need to add more hot water to this during the three hours of cooking time. ****

When the third hour is finished take the can from the boiling water and put it on a pot holder or dish towel (something that will not be effected by the heat) and let cool. (till the can is cool to the touch) Then open scoop out into a dish and enjoy.

Store left over caramel in an air tight container.  You can store the unopened cans of caramel at room temperature indefinitely.

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