Easy Weekend Recipe! Enjoy!

I know most weekends I always try and post a new recipe but this weekend I have plans to enjoy family and friends, so I am posting a little early! I hope everyone enjoys this recipe for the weekend!!!!  (and this is one I will modify and  add to the cookbook I am making for my girls).. But for this coming weekend one of my main recipes is as follows:


Making Memories


  • Two of my three girls
  • My Mother (she came up from Georgia)
  • My cousin (She came up from Georgia)
  • Bridal Shower for my Nephews soon to be Mrs.!!!
  • A little road trip
  • Weekend – Fun
  • Enjoying and being thankful for the time


  1. Start cleaning the house once you find out you have company coming.
  2.  Start making the candy Sunflowers for 5 dozen cupcakes you need to make on Thursday evening after work!
  3. Start working on making your cake pops which are going to be bride and groom cake pops.
  4.  Friday will be here before you know it and get home from work, tidy up a little more.  Make a call to find out where they are and how far out!  Wait on the porch once you know they should be pulling in any minute!  Hugs and help with bags.  Late night talking, while finishing up cupcakes and cake pops! and make a simple breakfast casserole for in the morning.
  5.  Saturday start your morning with “COFFEE”  You should have known!!
  6. As you are enjoying your cup of “COFFEE” pop a breakfast casserole you made the night before in the oven.
  7. Starting getting showered and ready!
  8. Eat and more “COFFEE”
  9. Start your road trip!

(Saturday)Making sure you have your coffee in hand pop the breakfast casserole in the oven so no one is two rushed and you can enjoy the morning with out a lot of clean up! Enjoy the road trip, bridal shower and cookout of family afterwards!  Enjoy your road trip back home with a pit-stop for “COFFEE” (some will sleep during this) end the evening at home with a glass of wine. soda, water or what ever you reach for sitting on the porch or in the kitchen chatting and relaxing.

(Sunday) Start your morning out with “COFFEE”  drink at least on cup before you start breakfast and let the others sleep while you humm become more human!… For us breakfast is gonna  starts with BACON…. eggs an so on!!! I know I could have been better at this and fixed homemade cinnamon rolls or something, but I chose to spend more time with family and a little longer in my bed..

Enjoy your weekend, make a memory, take time for you!  We did an no we are not the perfect family, not everything goes as planned like a Hallmark movie or those Holiday commercials, and it does get crazy and weird but we love each other and making a memory whether good or bad is all that counts in my book!

P.S.  Don’t for get to take a few if not a lot of pictures! 

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