Reaching Out to More of the World!

I stumbled across Jay Dee’s blog a little while back and in my daily reader I saw this post “Reaching Out to the World” and wanted to share and see if I could help out.. Tell Jay Dee where you are from!

Make sure you comment on Jay’s post

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Nine days ago, I wrote a post called Reaching Out to the World. I asked anyone who visited my blog to leave a comment stating which country they’re from.  So far, I have five countries, though most people who responded are from the United States. I’ve also had people from the UK, Canada, Germany, and Ireland leave a comment.

CIA_WorldFactBook-Political_world.pdfBut this is just the beginning. If you are reading this, and you haven’t seen that post yet, then go over there and leave a comment. Also, share that post on any social media platform you like. I would love to see comments from many different countries.

Let’s grow that list of countries!

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