Organized? Chaos?

Okay I have to admit that I have had the bright idea that I would get organized hundreds of times! My life would be like one of those Hallmark or Lifetime movies.  But has it happened?  Well let me put it to you this way… NOPE.  I have found some great tips on how to get organized and how it will save you time, so on and so on.even… bought a book or two on the subject,   I can also admit that I do try and do this several times a year.  I clean out closets, drawers and cabinets.  I do good for a little while then it is back to organized chaos. But this time it feels different like it is something I need in my life right now, like my blogging has kept me focused on Saving Money for Christmas and my Cookbook Christmas present for my girls!

Yes I would love to walk into my closet and it look like a showroom closet and I would love to open a drawer in the kitchen and everything is perfectly arranged. But the reality is that I may get organized here an there with a few things.  But my life is not a Hallmark or Lifetime Movie where I have a two hour work day and the rest to do as I please.  Nope my life is more like a 11 to 12 hour work day Monday thru Friday, dinner, cleaning up here and there, running errands then before you know it bed time and the cycle starts over again and again.  The weekends I try to enjoy my friends, family and sometimes a little me time! It is a semi Organized Chaos Life! (I am smiling)

So with that being said,  I did how ever challenge myself to try and get a little more organized before November 1!  So I have dug out one of the many books that I had and did a little research on the web.  The common thread that I found in most really good sites and in the many books I have collected is that you can not do this over night. (I am sure there are those that can and have).  But that is where I lose it.  So I decides that I was going to tackle one project a week.  Yes I know that does not leave me much time but atleast it will be my start.

So this week I am going to call it Good Will Collecting!  I plan on going thru as many closets as I can and either trashing, recycling or pile(s) to go to Good Will.  (Plus it will give me a receipt for my taxes for the donation.)

Wish me luck, and if you have any ideas to go along with this please share!  I will let you know how this goes and what the plan is for next week!

If it does not work I always have my semi organized chaos life! Which is not so bad!  I will do what I can here and there to keep things in order and maybe find that deep down idea that I know I have that will work for me.  (I have found a few of them…like Saving for Christmas and my gift idea!) But for now cross finger and as I stumble across an idea that I try and like I will be sure to share!

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