Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea

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Yes you guessed it one of my many ideas!  I have been thinking of how to save money for Christmas and also be ready for Christmas.  Yes I know it is only July!  I really wish I was one of them that had all my shopping done before July, but that is not me! Most years I am shopping right up until a day or two before Christmas.  But I am loving these summer months and all the goodies I am canning.

I decided that since I was canning so much (it started out just canning Mulberry jelly) and I figured out it did not cost me much to make per jar, I have my own mulberry tree, and I have been lucky enough to either find the fruits for a really good price or fruit that local markets and local farms that were going to give it to the animals or put on compost piles because they were to ripe to sell.  (It never hurts to ask!)  That I would do homemade gift basket with an assortment of my canned goods and a few other goodies!

First I made a trip to the Dollar Store to see what I could find.

  • Plastic tubs w/handles:  $1 each (my Dollar Store had them in an assortment of colors)
  • Clear Gift bags  2 for $1.00 (two comes in they bag)  they had clear and red
  • Pull String bows 2 for   $1.00 (two comes in the bag)
  • Colored Decorative Filler Shreds $1 each bag (they will do multi tubs)

I also plan on looking at other stores for baskets on sale so I have an assortment of containers! A friend of mine told me to even check the local Goodwill stores.  Heck worth a try!

** you can even use Christmas or other occasion wrapping paper and ribbon instead of the bags.  I have even saved boxes to wrap once I get my wrapping paper out of the attic.

So each gift is starting out to be  about $2.25 each

I have the following goodies that I am going to mix and match that I have made myself.

  • Assorted Jellies and Jams (peach, strawberry, apple, mulberry, blackberry)
  • Mild Salsa
  • Green Beans
  • Homemade caramel (I will post this one soon! It is an easy one you can do while you are sleeping, at work or just hanging around the house! (I put this in small containers from Walmart that I found)
  • Homemade baked goods ( I will make these much closer to Christmas) and put in decorative baggies you find closer to Christmas!  I promise to share a few of my recipes!

This list can go on and on.  There are so many things you can put in the tub/basket.  Depending on who it is for, Coffee mugs (the Dollar Store sometimes has some really cute ones), pencils, note pads dish cloths, even a bottle of wine!  Be creative and enjoy!

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4 Responses to Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea

  1. Dust and Dog Hair says:

    You won’t believe this… but I’ve been looking to find a mulberry tree! Black and red berries on the same tree, right? Do they taste like rasp and blackberries or just LOOK like them?


    • Sue's Little Corner says:

      It sounds like you found one! I add a few of the red berries to my mulberry jelly (they are not quite ripe yet) but add a nice little taste to it! Only problem is when the girls help me pick them I think they eat more than what they put in the bucket! They are also great in cobblers and over ice cream… But As I said the girls just pick and eat!


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