Homemade Cake and Cupcake Stands



Cake plates and stands can get pretty expensive.  I needed to a few to display my cupcakes and cakes for an event and did not want to blow all my profits on buying cake stands that would end up being stored in my Cake Room (converted bedroom to store and organize all my cake and baking supplies). Now mind you storing them is not problem.  One of these days I am going to open up my own bakery and these will be beautiful accents to the decoration…Yep I know dreaming again!!!!

So I decided I would go on a little trip to the Goodwill and Dollar store to see what I could find and on a budget!  I have made these before and even given them as gifts.

Supplies: (for cake plate)

  •  Plate (any size or color)
  • Glass (any type glass, candle stick or vase that will hold your plate with out tipping over easily)
  • Glue (Make sure it is an all purpose clear drying glue)  I used  Loctite All Purpose G02
  • Paper, pencil and scissors (you may not need them but it depends on the shape  or type plate you may have.


I found my plate ($1.00) and Martini glass ($1.00)at my local Dollar Store.  They glue I purchased at my local hardware store ($4.98) so for a total of $7.00 and some odd cents I am on my way to creating a cake plate to display one of my cakes. The glue will do more than just this project, so you could really say this cake plate will cost me about $2.50 to make!

  1. First I wash and remove any stickers from my glassware.  (I let mine air dry so that I would not get any lint on them drying them with a dish towel.
  2. Next I turned the plate upside down and determined where the center of the plate is. Note:  If you have a solid plate and you want to make sure you have the center.  Take the plate and put it face down on a piece of paper and trace it.  Then take your scissors and cut out what you have traced.  Then fold it in half and then half again. When you open it you will have the center.
  3. I then take my glass and figure out what is the best way to attach it(which way will be more stable).  I place my glass up right with the plate on top and take a step back then I turn the glass upside down and see if it is stable and if I like the way it looks.
  4. Once you have determined the center of the plate and which way you want to place your glass, candle stick or vase. You are ready to glue!
  5. Next place a small line of glue around the edge of the glass that will be attached to the plate.  (Make sure you read your glue’s instructions and for drying times!)
  6. Place the glass in the position you wish it to be in and let dry.
  7. Once it is dry you can turn it over and you are done!

Cupcake Display (single cupcake for a gift)

I basic did the same as above except I added a few more pieces.

Small glass place ($1.00) Small glass cup $.50, Larger glass Cup $1.00, a wooden knob $.25 and some silver spray paint I already had on hand and glue I had used with the previous project. So for about $2.75 I made a cute cupcake holder that I gave as a gift to my of my special friends as a thank you!  Yes of course it had a special cupcake in it!!!


On this I used the smaller cup as my base with my plate and the larger cup I used as my dome that I painted and glued my know on.

So be creative, you may even have a few plates, glass, cups and saucers lying around or you can certainly take a look at your local goodwill or dollar store!

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