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Homemade Cake and Cupcake Stands

  Cake plates and stands can get pretty expensive.  I needed to a few to display my cupcakes and cakes for an event and did not want to blow all my profits on buying cake stands that would end up being stored … Continue reading

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Idea (noun) – a thought, conception or notion I get the thought part all the time. Problem is that most of the time I am driving, in a movie theater or some place that I can not write it down. … Continue reading

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Easy Breakfast Casserole

I know we all have our own versions of this.  Mine is simple (most of the time) But when we have family, friends or just because.  This is my go to breakfast meal so it seems to make a morning … Continue reading

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Welcome and Hello Bloggers from Blogging101

Welcome and Hello!!  Please feel free to leave a comment and your link!  Even feel free to follow me or not… I would love to check out your blog and say hello!  I know the assignment was to say hello … Continue reading

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Who I am “Blogging101” why I’m here

Who am I, well I describe myself as a wife, mother, baker, hunter and so much more.  I love spending time with my three girls and husband.  I love to be crafty, thrifty and the list goes on and on. … Continue reading

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Light Bulb

Sometimes you hear something, could be a quote, a sentence or even a simple word and a light bulb goes off in your mind.  It can be amazing how some of the simplest things can turn on that light bulb and bring about … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea

Inexpensive Christmas gift idea. I always get ideas, now I am finally putting them out there to share! Continue reading

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