How I saved $$ for Christmas!

A couple people ask me to re-post this so here you go! when I get a chance I will update my totals and send some pics of the baskets I have collected for my Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea!

Sue's Little Corner


Okay here is my post I promised you (One of the reasons I started a blog) on how one of my idea has really helped me!  “Saving Money for Christmas” I am so happy when my ideas pay off!!

Yes before you know it “Christmas” will be here!  I really would like to tell you that every year that I am ready for the holidays!  But that would be a really big lie!  Each year as the years before Christmas sneaks up on me and “BAM” “POW” it hits me like a ton of bricks and I am broke and going crazy trying to get it all done!  So I had an idea, that  I wanted to be ready next year for the Holidays in more than just having some shopping done.  I did not want to dread the Holidays rather enjoy them!  I wanted to have the money set aside…

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